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Alessandro Proietti


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Alessandro is from Rome, Italy and started dancing at the early age of 5 years old and was trained in various disciplines such as Hip Hop, Modern, Contemporary, and Latin American Dance.  


Alessandro then studied Classical Dance at the National Academy of Dance in Rome and learned from the most renowned Italian dance teachers. A successful competitor, Alessandro has gone on to many finals in National and International Competitions including winning the Italian Cup and being placed 3rd in the Italian Amotori Championship. Allesandra was also invited to join the Italian National Team. Alessandro has also performed in theatre and television including the Italian series ‘Amici’, ‘Tu si que vales’ and has been a feature dancer at ‘Rds’. 


Alessandro’s passion for dance is what keeps his soul alive. He feels blessed for having had the opportunity to pursue this art which is how he expresses his emotions and creativity. His father constantly reminds him, "The word 'success' comes before the word 'sweat' only in the dictionary; in life, it is always the other way around". 

Alessandro Proietti
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